Terms and Conditions of Service 
for Stress-Free Grooming

My aim is to provide a stress – free grooming experience for your pet. Your pets comfort and safety are my top priority. I will not perform any grooming procedure that causes pain or a level of stress that I think is excessive. This may include de-matting, or brushing out knots that I consider to be too extensive, or even nail trims in some pets.

All grooming is low stress and sedation-free.

I am unable to accept sedated pets for grooming, they should be groomed under the care of a vet.

Cat Grooming North Brisbane

Drop Off and Pick Up

Please aim to be punctual for your appointment which enables me to stay on schedule for the day and avoid inconvenience to other clients. Arriving late for your appointment may mean that I do not have enough time to complete the full service you have booked. 

Ensure that dogs are on a lead and cats are transported in a suitably secure carrier.

I will call or send a text message when your pet is ready for collection, please aim to pick up promptly, ideally within 30 minutes of receiving your text message. Late pick ups may incur extra charges on top of the groom fee.

Ample parking is available directly in front of the salon, please come through the wooden gate, the salon is immediately on your left. Alternatively you can park on Wilga Drive and walk across the bridge.

*Please do not park anywhere on the bridge, nature strip or the shared driveway, or use this area for turning.

Please toilet your dog at home prior to leaving, there is a small designated toilet area just in front of the salon if needed. 

Ensure your dog is kept on a lead and is not allowed to run free outside the salon or toilet anywhere else on the garden or driveway.


Cancellation / Rescheduling an Appointment

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please let us know as soon as you can, which will enable us to offer the appointment to another client, who can then come in your place.

Whilst we absolutely understand that things pop up at the last minute, we do have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

A late cancellation with less than 24 hours notice, makes it impossible to fill the appointment and causes a loss of income to ourselves and inconvenience to other clients who have missed out on an appointment.

A cancellation fee of 50% of the groom fee may be charged.

Payment Terms

Payment is due on completion of the groom, all prices are inclusive of GST and I am happy to accept payment by cash or EFTPOS.

*Please note EFTPOS payments attract a surcharge of 1.9% for all cards.


Health Issues and Senior Pets

Grooming can sometimes be a stressful experience, especially for senior pets or pets with medical conditions. If your pet is unfamiliar with regular grooming or has a neglected, matted coat, overgrown nails or excessively dirty eyes, ears or sanitary area, this can make grooming more stressful.I cannot be held responsible for any pre-existing medical conditions, or worsening of existing conditions that your pet may suffer from. Elderly animals are groomed for their comfort only and stress will be kept to a minimum. All grooming services and style options may not be available for older pets.

I need to be aware if your pet has any health problems that may affect the groom, for example moles, warts, any pre-existing medical conditions, recent surgeries, illnesses, injuries or infections or if he / she does not have a full range of movement in any of their joints, then I will modify the grooming procedure, so that I do not inadvertently cause any discomfort to your pet.

In the event of any emergency occurring while your pet is in our care, we will do our upmost to contact you first, in the best interests of your pet, we reserve the right to transport your cat to the closest veterinarian to obtain treatment and you agree to cover all associated expenses.


If your pet has any behavioural issues, phobias or aggression, or if your pet has ever bitten or injured anyone, then I need to be made aware BEFORE the groom.

These types of behaviour can make the groom a high risk process, both for myself and your pet, may require special handling and use of extra restraints or a muzzle, if deemed necessary for safety reasons.

Higher risk grooms incur extra charges.

We reserve the right to terminate grooming services immediately, at whatever stage we are at, if your pet exhibits signs of stress that is detrimental to their well-being, or if your pet is displaying a level of aggression that is deemed to be unsafe to proceed.

Please note that dogs are never in the salon at the same time as cats. Cat Grooming is Feline Exclusive only.


Matted / pelted coats (coats with lots of knots that cannot be combed through from the skin out) are caused by inadequate grooming and/or coat care and can cause a multitude of health issues.

Removing a matted coat is a high risk groom, as matted coats obscure the skin and cause pulling, creasing and lifting of the skin, which increases the risk of the skin becoming caught in the clipper blades.

This type of grooming requires extra care and skill and a level of discomfort for your pet, which will require extra time and may require breaks for your pet.

I will not perform extensive de-matting on any animal, as this is very painful. It is more humane to remove the matted coat, however this will result in a short haircut, clippers cannot cut through mats, therefore the longest blade that can safely pass between the mat and the skin will be used. If matting is severe, this can result in a very short shave.

On removal of a matted coat it is not uncommon to uncover hotspots, bruising, bald patches or other skin issues caused by the matting.

I am not responsible for any skin irritations, hotspots, grazes, cuts or nicks that may occur during or after the removal of a matted coat, due to having to clip so close to the skin.

Removing a large amount of matted coat may also result in some temporary behaviour changes.

This type of groom results in extra charges, depending on the time taken and the severity of the matting.

Fleas, Parasites and Vaccinations

Windarra Pet Spa is a flea-free environment. I do not groom pets with fleas, as I do not wish to pass them on to other clients or my own pets.

Pets with a flea problem need to be treated with the appropriate medication before their appointment, if this is not done, a surcharge will apply to cover the cost of extra cleaning and disinfecting the salon before my next appointment.

The health and safety of my furry clients is my priority.

Please ensure that your pet is wormed on a regular basis. I accept puppies and kittens for grooming 10 days after they have completed their vaccinations, or whenever your vet has given their approval for grooming services to commence.


Photos of your pet may be taken before, during and after the groom for use on social media, please let me know if you do not wish photos to be used. As I own the copyright to these photos, please obtain my permission before re-using the images on social media, or please credit my work if used. 

By using Windarra Pet Spa you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Service.
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